Here, with the help of this referential article, we will share the glimpse of Corona Virus Impact on IT Sector and How the IT Industry getting impacted due to COVID-19 Pandemics.

31 Dec 2019 China reported a cluster of cases of in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A novel coronavirus was eventually identified 1 January 2020 by WHO. After this WHO activated its Incident Management Support Team (IMST), as part of its emergency response framework, which ensures coordination of activities and response across the three levels of WHO (Headquarters, Regional, Country) for public health emergencies.

As per the timeline provided by WHO on 16th April WHO issued guidance on considerations in adjusting public health and social measures, such as large-scale movement restrictions, commonly referred to as ‘lockdowns’.

On 24th March 2020, the Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown. Its almost been 103 Days in India to survival under lockdown.

Everything on Globe including Countries, Economy, public and private sector with Individuals are struggling for the survival since then.

As per the report by economic times on 14the April 2020, India’s information technology sector has never seen challenging times that it is witnessing now due to the COVID-19 / Corona Virus Impact on IT Sector.

As per some of the measures, Lockdown and COVID-19 proving as a major downfall for the overall economy when we compare this with the last recession of 2007 – 2008.

Would it be another Great Recession marked on the world economy?

Let’s analyze the positives and negatives to deep down to it with the IT Industry.

Some of the Key Points Referring to Negative Corona Virus Impact on IT Sector

  1. Post the lock-down period, Indian IT firms would see a phenomenal amount of opportunity as companies in general, both private and the government would have to rethink on their business environment. However, now employees are struggling for survival into the current projects.
  2. Corona is vastly impacting some of the industries much harder than others, such as airlines, restaurants, live-event companies, movie theatres but if we look closely into each industry, they are experiencing unique set of challenges.
  3. As IT industry is the core service, product and process provider to the other industries, the possibility of growth from relatable projects would be limited in near future as it takes time for the collaborative ecosystem built-up from scratch where IT sector can get new projects.
  4. Possibility and scope of new projects seems very low due to less interest of investors towards fresh opportunities and business buildup concerning the contractual IT sector.
  5. Startups are keener toward closing down, Resulting more disturbed information technology ecosystem due to Corona Virus Impact on IT Sector and lockdown wave.

Some of the Key Points Referring Positive Corona Virus Impact on IT Sector

  1. Complete IT sector becoming more responsible towards nature and natural resources.
  2. New structure of working remotely and easy adoption to it, shows a positive sign of employability under information technology service sector.
  3. Online educational and training opportunities are growing with respect to the global and Indian market showing positive learning curve leading expansion of IT domain coverage.
  4. As per the Google trend report analysed and provided by, however, adds-revenue and CPC is going down related to IT keywords but the overall click-through rate and traffic linked to SEO services uneffected and possibly will boost up in near future. Due to high demand and availability of online presence and resource utilization through the Internet.
  5. Healthcare IT sector, drug and chemical testing showing positive growth of new opportunities under adaptation of artificial intelligence and machine learning during corona vaccine testing. It shows that we are now curious about the process and test automation with new algorithms with the manual testing approach.
  6. Leading to a better recovery towards AI and ML sector with new possibilities to acquire improved manpower.
  7. Hosting, Networking, Infrastructure and DevOps domains performing with resource over utilization due to increased responsibility with respect to performance and uptime demand, resulting in the betterment of these operations in the Indian Market.
  8. Telecom related projects and employees seem unaffected till now, as this sector is working for the betterment for online resources and for overall online connectivity infrastructure. Every domain related to this seems not likely affected with Corona Virus Impact on IT Sector.

Summary : Key Observations of Corona Virus Impact on IT Sector and Why Major Information Technology Sector is Less Impacted?

Corona Virus Impact on the IT Sector offices

Bargaining with Reduced Productivity and Performance:

The virus anticipated to impact productivity on an organization and individual scale. Workers from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the worst-hit in India. Those cannot work efficiently from home or utilize the remote working facility companies have waived those employees and cut down their production. This way, it’s having an impact on the productivity and performance of their businesses.

Unadaptability for a fully remote workplace:

Many organizations think they are competent of providing their employees to work remotely and adjust to the work-from-home culture fully. But now that work from home gathering has shifted a mandate for many, they have noticed a lack of collaboration tools and interpersonal discipline.

A report by Gartner, a leading IT service management company, says that 54% of the businesses in India do not have sufficient technology and support for employees to work to home.

Non-IT organizations or small companies seem incapable due to old practices, poor network connectivity, and UPS backup. More than two-thirds of employees lack access to business tools like Skype, Zoom, Webex etc. But they are adopting the new ways faster due to reduced Seat & operational cost of employees, resulting to focus on the enhancement of technology for them.

Supporting Unhealthy Employees to Stay Home:

Companies have introduced COVID’19 leave allowance for there sick employees as an additional perk to promote health and safety. If you can see any minor symptoms of fever or illness, recommend your employees to stay home and notify their team leaders.

Training to the Leaders for Risk Mitigation:

As this is proving the biggest sudden risk for the IT Industry companies are focused to train the management staff to train the higher and middle-level management in such a way that they can provide value to work and employees concurrently to mitigate the risk factors associated with this global pandemic situation

Don’t Panic and Be a Great Learner

The Coronavirus pandemic is serious and has an obvious impact on the IT industry. But thoughtful and precautions must be taken to keep yourself and your teams safe and healthy. However, conducting meetings on the chat or video call is the first step to stop spreading Covid-19.

This is the chance to grow with respect to your IT skillset to be assured with the JOB. As nobody wants to risk with the most knowledgeable manpower. So as a summaries way I just want to say you can do any corporate training by offline or online means to improve your skillset and that’s the only way to get unaffected and also for the bounce back if already affected. Stay positive and be a good learner from the circumstances. Take Corona Virus Impact on IT Sector as a positive wave for new growth in terms of technology resourcing and opportunity level.

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